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Investment Opportunities

This is an update on the fine companies we are working with at Weild & Co. We have additional companies that we are in the process of doing our extensive due diligence on so stay tuned. Please reach out if you would like to learn more.


AVM Biotech - To combat disease, we are armed with a special weapon: AVM0703.  AVM0703 is a purer and loaded formulation of dexamethasone which has been used at lower doses since 1958 for other purposes.  Our supra-pharmacologic dose has a novel mechanism of action (MOA) to mobilize the body’s own natural supercharged immune cells that are ten times more activated than ordinary immune cells.


Inveniam Capital Partners - Inveniam maximizes liquidity of private market assets.Through data integrity, price discovery and the digitization of assets, Inveniam connects asset owners, valuation firms, and investors with all participants in the digital ecosystem to maximize asset value and liquidity.

  1. Real time pricing; Fair Market Value (FMV)

  2. More liquidity and capital efficiency

  3. Broader, better distribution


Workstorm - Workstorm provides the critical tools businesses need and integrates them with applications already-in-use.

-Workstorm combines a full video-conferencing platform with critical collaboration tools you need in a unified, secure solution.

-Workstorm breaks down silos and fosters deeper client relationships by bringing internal and external colleagues into the secure, digital workspace of the future.

-Workstorm keeps client data, sensitive information and intellectual property under wraps with Workstorm’s “privacy-first” philosophy.


9th Gear Technologies - 9th Gear is the only B2B marketplace that enables Same-Day FX Trading & Settlement coupled with On-Demand Payment Liquidity.


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