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The best resource on family offices? The family offices.

Observed across media outlets - from Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, among others, family offices have emerged as a new, sought-after class of investor. However, many professionals still lack basic knowledge on key details: the 'who,' 'how' and 'why.' The best source of knowledge is the primary resource - and in this case, the family office, itself. Who can help? Cavendish Global.

Learn more and join the upcoming 7th Cavendish Summit on Thursday, November 19th at 12 PM EST. RSVP is required to receive access:

Since 2014, New York-based Cavendish Global has convened family office members and active impact investors at quarterly meetings - providing a trusted environment for peer-to-peer networking, idea sharing, thought leadership and access to powerful market opportunities. 23 live Forums and 6 virtual Summits later, the cloud-based Cavendish network is more active than ever - as family offices advance assets and impact, in a time when traditional investment cannot fully heed the call for patient capital supporting pro-social initiatives.

The monthly Cavendish Summit Series broadcast provides a monthly, 90-minute convening - hosting a brand new family office every month, for presentations and discussions on how individual family offices started, how they operate, what they invest in, and why they invest. Joining each Summit are three individually-selected early-stage companies delivering impact presentations: identifying a major unmet need, the company's innovative solution and the resulting impact on patients, caregivers and systems.

Since launching in May 2020, the Summit Series has welcomed over 1000 investors, entrepreneurs, industry leaders and C-level executives.

Join in on November 19th at 12 PM EST for the next broadcast. The seventh Summit welcomes Nottingham Spirk Family Office Co-President, John Nottingham, for a fireside chat with NS Director, Katherine Hill Ritchie. Following the conversation, a full, interactive Q&A session is open to audience members.

The Summit will also welcome Cavendish Innovation Partner executives, Brian Frenzel (CEO of Mountain View-based Tosk, and Band of Angels member), Dillon Galynsky (Co-Founder and CEO of New York-based HUSH) and Robert Boyce (CEO of Winston-Salem based Plakous Therapeutics), for their presentations focusing on COVID19, a novel public health solution and a pediatric breakthrough, respectively.

Summit attendees can also inquire about receiving access to Cavendish IQ - the network's privileged digital community, connecting investors, entrepreneurs and select industry leaders, hosting profiles, member roster, messaging and meeting resources, and serving as the full library for all Summit broadcast recordings.

RSVP for the upcoming Summit (November 19th at 12 PM EST) by visiting:

Get in touch with Cavendish by contacting Ian Kenyon at

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